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Low cost, high quality, Search Engine Optimisation where you are in control

Welcome to SEO Freelance Stand out from the crowdprovided by Drew Durning, a marketing consultant specialising in online marketing and freelance SEO services

SEO services focus on getting your website to the top of the results in 'natural search' sometimes referred to as 'organic search'. Drew also provides full marketing consultancy and Google Adwords management services if required.

Why use a Freelance SEO Consultant?

Using a freelance UK SEO is cheaper than using a Search Engine Optimisation Agency

A real understanding of your business and its marketing objectives means SEO work will enhance your website and your online reputation

No outsourcing to low wage economies where dubious link quality and poor use of English can actually do more damage than good.

The service works equally well for clients who are embarking on a search engine optimisation campaign for the first time and for those who have already started a campaign with an agency and are looking to lower costs and improve quality and control

Featured Client

Organic Herbal Remedies the UK's leading supplier of organic tinctures, herbal balms and organic beauty products

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Train in Search Engine Marketing

Outsource or in-house training. Drew can either manage your SEO for you or train your personnel. Whatever route you choose it will be more cost effective than paying agency rates and it will give you full control.

If you want to be trained in search engine marketing including either search engine optimisation (SEO) or pay per click / pay by result campaigns such as Google Adwords then get in touch. The training programmes are great for those who want to be freelancers, to get a job in an agency and for clients who want to build their own in-house expertise. Click here for more information or hit the contact link to get in touch